Yoga is a science, a philosophy, the way of life, anti-stress therapy - all together. Our mind, body and soul are inseparable.
Yoga Senior
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Yoga SeniorSenior age is the time of life when we have more time for ourselves, our family, relaxation and recreation. However, it is time when we become more sensitive to some illnesses, such as arthritis, rheumatism, incontinence, high blood pressure...

It all leads to our need to be healthy and fit and provide the best for our body.

Yoga is practice that is tailored to our needs and possibilities and makes exercising relaxing, and the mind calmer. Yoga is also useful in prevention and control of health and emotional problems which are connected to aging. It helps us be in better contact with ourselves and our body, and makes it easier for us to accept positive approach to life.

Certain yoga asanas are made for normalization of blood pressure and balance of the nervous system and are essential in prevention of heart disease. Breathing techniques which we do during yoga prevent respiratory diseases.

By practicing yoga we get to know our body and learn to respect the limits it sets.
We should never pressure our body in yoga poses, we always do as long as we feel like it.
Yoga is efficient only if practiced correctly.