Yoga is a science, a philosophy, the way of life, anti-stress therapy - all together. Our mind, body and soul are inseparable.
Urban Yoga
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Urban YogaWhat better way to make use of our break from work?
It is usual to have coffee with colleagues and eat from the wide range of high calorie and rich in fat fast food products. We get back to work tired and continue with out obligations, and we did not manage to refresh and prepare for the rest of the day during the break. There are other possibilities!
In the core center of the city, you can find a relaxing surrounding which will improve your day. Urban yoga is created to allow you to relax with yoga asanas in half an hour or 45 minutes, and refresh yourselves with a cup of tea. Refreshed, calm and relaxed, you enter the rest of the day as if it was morning, with new energy and a smile.
Urban Yoga – release the tension and stress, cut the long day with a high quality break and afford yourselves what your body and mind deserve!