Yoga is a science, a philosophy, the way of life, anti-stress therapy - all together. Our mind, body and soul are inseparable.
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The classes take an hour and fifteen minutes. Private classes can take longer and last between an hour and an hour and a half.

Children’s classes, for children between 6 and 12, last around 40 minutes, since it is the maximum of their concentration and attention.

Groups consist of 7 to 15 participants, depending on the room where classes are held. Classes are usually well attended, we even have a waiting list since interest is higher than the capacity of the studio.

Classes are different in concept. We usually start with breathing exercises, in order to relax and calm our mind and prepare ourselves for practice, and finish with guided relaxation which is a significant part of the class and continues the shavasana – practice , where we practice absolute peace , i.e we think of nothing, just feel.

That is my mantra. Try to think of nothing, try to feel everything!

You can schedule your class online or by phone: 063 7045 433.