Yoga is a science, a philosophy, the way of life, anti-stress therapy - all together. Our mind, body and soul are inseparable.
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I have been practicing yoga for ten years, and I have instructed it for four years. I discovered yoga in America where I lived from 1998. Before that, I practiced different types of relaxation in Belgrade, such as jazzer size, and only when I got to America did I realize how much of it was actually yoga.

I was trained to be an instructor in Los Angeles, in the "Scientific Yoga Center", Venice, California by the yoga master, who is the center director. His name is Raghavan Dass and he tailored Raghavan's Yoga, which I practice today.

I got the title Yogi Siromani.

That means that I chose to do the practice of beginners with elements of intermediate courses.

I returned to Belgrade two years ago and the two most beautiful things which I brought along from California are my three daughters and Raghavan's Yoga.

There is no difference in the approach, understanding of yoga and reasons for taking up yoga in USA and Serbia.

Raghavan's Yoga is unique for America, so I am positive that I am the only yoga instructor who teaches this type of yoga in Belgrade or Serbia. It is confirmed by my participants, who have visited different yoga schools in Belgrade. Their impression is the only measure, and it says that my classes are different from other yoga classes they had practiced.

The most frequent motive to take up yoga in America, as well as Serbia, is our everyday life, since over 80 % of illnesses nowadays is based on stress, which blocks circulation of energy in the body. That is the source of lack of power and flexibility, insomnia, poor circulation, pain in the neck, shoulders and back, problems with internal organs, poor concentration and attention and other reasons to take up yoga.

I always tell my participants, whom I need as much as they need me, that if they accept yoga with full heart and practice it regularly, the success is guaranteed. Yoga is not the aim, it is a life-long process.

For me yoga is science, philosophy, way of life, anti-stress therapy – all together. As our mind, spirit and body are unbreakable whole.

Yoga which I practice is traditional hatha yoga, tailored in Raghavan’s way. It is unique since asanas (body positions) are connected in his own way for which he thought is most effective.

If you have any questions, post them here.