Yoga is a science, a philosophy, the way of life, anti-stress therapy - all together. Our mind, body and soul are inseparable.

Yoga is a skill more than 5000 years old. The Ministry of Health entered yoga in methods of rehabilitation. It consists of psychical exercise, breathing and relaxation. How to start up our body, improve concentration and attention, be stronger, more flexible and how to relax?

We all aim to reduce stress and find spiritual peace, good mood and health. If we make a conscious connection among the mind, spirit and body, we achieve unity or integration, which is the translation of yoga from Sanskrit.

By regular practice, we match our energies, which has positive influence on our psycho-physical condition. We solve problems of our everyday life and release frustration and pain more easily and simply. Yoga takes us to our natural state of balance, peace, joy and connects ourselves and the surroundings.

Straight spine, opened breathing, calm heart and earthing are our highest aims. When the body is brought in regular position, when it is in harmony with breathing, our functions are improved. The work of the brain, clarity of mind, awaken state and concentration at work and in the private life, provide excellent effects to our everyday life. Our emotions are in balance with our physical body. Energy is released and effects are seen very fast, even after the first yoga practice.


Balance of mind, spirit and body

"A long time ago, yoga was seen as a discipline which should take us to spiritual self-relaxation, but in the last thirty years, its prophylactic and therapeutic values have been discovered. The Ministry of Health entered yoga in rehabilitation methods…" 

The article was published in the professional journal Farmakon.